Massive Range of Options Available​

From coloured acrylics to halo or solid laser-cut letters, we're sure to have something to meet your clients needs.

Standard Fabricated Acrylic Letters

We use only cast acrylics and ONLY hot bend our acrylic.

Hot bending ensures there is no tension on the bends meaning our letters will not and giving way over time.

All letters are double glued with UV stable glue meaning they are much more durable, especially outdoors.

Coloured Acrylic

Coloured acrylic is a great way to achieve excellent, consistent colour results without the need to spray or apply vinyls.


In most cases it is around the same cost as standard fabricated letters and looks great.


Choose from any coloured acrylic in the Mulford Plastics range. Maximum sheet size for acrylic colours is 1220 x 2440 so please factor this into your design.


(Please note that matt finish acrylics gloss over when heated for bending and mirror finish acrylics can't be glued)

HALO Style

Halo lit letters, when used in the right applications, can be a great alternative to standard internal lighting.


Used on matt/non reflective surfaces for even light distribution and in areas with ambient lighting (not complete darkness) this style offers a subtle and classic look and feel.


Keep in mind that these require an additional level of installation expertise due to additional components and mounting.

LED illuminated

Fabricated Letters

LED illumination is, by far, the best way to grab attention at night.


Our 5630 Samsung modules are the brightest and whitest modules we have ever seen. If' you've seen them in action you'll know what we are talking about! These modules are also dimmable so your qualified electrical installer can get the perfect lighting result.


Our experience and expertise ensures even lighting without hot or dark spots. 


Let us supply your letters beautifully illuminated and ready to install!


Coloured Acrylic

With LED Illumination

Some really cool effects can be achieved by utilising coloured acrylics with LED illumination. Grab a Mulford acrylics swatch and hold the colour you wish to use up to the light to see how it will look when illuminated.

Mini Fab

A premium specialist product for small size & stroke acrylic lettering. 

This is our alternative to embedded lettering - they're permanently sealed with a blocked out acrylic backing. 


It also allows us to use our bright weatherproof LED modules to allow for internal and external use - no more fragile LED strip!